Show Hidden Files Using Command Prompt

There are some virus which is hiding all the files and folders in Pen/Flash Drive, and show the virus files instead of original files, I have mentioned about those things before and you already know about those things, if you do not know or you want to know about those things please Click here, so how are you going to get original files and folders back to normal

Normally it can do by going properties
Right click on the file or folder and select properties

Remove the tick from hidden

Then Apply and OK

Normally it’s working but now most of the time it’s not, if it because of virus attack, then you will see like below

Here you cannot change the settings or properties, So then you can follow this
First you have to make sure what is the Drive of your Flash, here my drive id 😀 drive but normally it can be E: F: H: so find your one

 Now open the command prompt, to do that open the RUN by pressing Winkey+R

Type CMD and press Enter

Then you will see like below, and here you have to select the drive, my one is D.

so type D:
Press Enter

Then type below command and it will fix those folders and files
attrib -s -h -r /s /d

Now check the Flash drive, I would like to suggest you that use a virus guard, if you don’t have one, you can buy or at least use Microsoft Windows Defender, it’s totally free, even I’m using it, if you follow my theories then you don’t want to buy a virus guard, Microsoft Windows Defender will be enough, enjoy it.

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