How to Use Google Search Engine

Most of people are using Google Search Engine to find or search whatever we need, but the thing is most people don’t know how to use this web browser to search data or information.
I will explain how to use Google web browser, as I know this will be very useful for everyone.

Part I
Imagine like this. If you want to find about GTA, then we can type on search bar GTA, and then you will see so many web pages as a result of that, but if you want to find about GTA in Facebook site. You should type like this on the Google search bar. GTA

Then you will see all the results about GTA in Facebook.
Here another example below
If you want to know about Cpanel in Wikipedia type like below on Google search bar Cpanel

ow you can find everything like this.

Part II
hen we want to find some information in PDF or DOC or something like that kind of file types. You can search them with Google like this. Imagine you wanted to download a PDF file about CDMA. Type like below code and type a space and type CDMA. Then you will find a lot of PDF files as search results.


Now type CDMA in front of above code like below
filetype:pdf CDMA

As an example if you want to search some torrent link about a film. Type like below, and then you will find a lot of link as results
Filetype: torrent Film name
So now you can find anything using with this.

Part III
If you want to find about both things with Google you can do that. So imagine if you want to find about Wikipedia and Encarta you have to type like below on Google search bar,
Wikipedia and Encarta

Part IV

If we want to convert units we can use Google web browser for that, imagine if you want to convert 100 meter to Kilometer, you have to do only type like below on your Google search bar and press enter.

100 meters in Kilometers 
Then you will see the answer, and see another example below
1000 miles in kilometers You can convert anything with this
Inch <- – > Centimeters
Foot<- – > Meter
Yard <- – > Meter
Mile <- – > Kilometer
And you can convert any below units
Temperature   Ex:( Kelvin in Celsius)
Currency         Ex: (Pound in Yen)
Cooking           Ex: (Dram in Milliliter)
Weight             Ex: (Stone in Kilogram)
Length             Ex: (Yard in Meter)
Area                  Ex: (Square inch in Acre)   
Volume            Ex:  (Gallon in Liter)
How is it ha? So you can use these things for your work. As I think these are very simple and easy things. You can convert anything unit with this.

Part V
If you want to know about the meaning or definition of any word we can use Google searching bar. If we want we can listen to pronunciation of that word. In other words we can use this as a dictionary.
Go to Google and type on search bar Define: type your word in front of this
As an example if we want to get the definition of Wikipedia First go to Google, and type like below and press enter.
define: Wikipedia

Then you will get definition of Wikipedia

Part VI
If you want to know about the time in any kind of country, you can use Google, type like below and you will see the result

London time

Part VII
We can convert the currency by using Google, you have just type it like below
Currency Converter

Then you’ll see the converter and you can select the currency and convert it. Other than that if you know what you want, then you can use Google like below
US dollar to Sri Lankan Rupee

These are some main functions of Google, I think you could have some ideas about Google, and there are some other features like above as like Google Translate, try to find them also, share this with your friends if it could help you to learn something, cheers


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