How to Protect Gmail Account from Hackers

Do you have a Gmail account? Do you want to secure your Gmail account from hackers? Yes you can. You people know, our email account is very important part for our life. We must protect our detail, nowadays without our mail account we cannot do our work in internet. At least we can’t create a Facebook account without an email address (we can create it with our phone number, but email address is essential).  Now you can protect you Gmail account by hackers.
After this activation No one can access to your Gmail account, this is kind of like Facebook logging approval.  If anyone tries to access your account, then he will need verification code for it, at that time you will receive that code to your mobile phone number. Then you can know about it, and then you can change your password. So you can protect your email address now. So you have to follow these steps guys.

First of all you have to login to your Gmail account
After that click below link. )
Click on start up

You can choose Test message (SMS) or voice call for verification method.

Give your mobile number and put a tick for Send codes by- SMS text
After that click on Send Code, then you will receive a code to your mobile phone number. Type it below and click verify, and click next.

And click next again and confirm it

Now it’s done

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