How to Create an Autorun

Now I am going to say how to create an autorun program for a DVD or Pen drive, some people wanted to know about it, therefore I decided to create a post about this. I know most people know about this, but if you don’t know about this, you can try it out.

We can use auto run for run a program ( .exe )  or Icon ( .ico ) or both of them, but if you use a program or virus guard that can block autorun, this will not work.

When you are going to burn CD/DVD or Blue ray we had better use icon, therefore we must add an icon with auto run before burn it.

So we need <icon name>.ico extension must be .ico

Imagine you selected one icon for it. Its name myicon.ico Program is program.exe

Now we are going to create this autorun

First of all open the note pad (Winkey+R and type notepad, press Enter or

Start — > All Programs — > Accessories — > Notepad)

Then type like below on the notepad




[Autorun]                          //Command

Open=program.exe         // Run for Program

Icon=myicon.ico            // Run for Icon

Now we are going to save this program, therefore you should go to 

File — > save as, 

and put the name autorun.inf, 

and give All files for Save as type.

When you are going to burn CD you must input these three things

i.     program.exe

ii.   myicon.ico

iii.  autorun.inf

If you put that program and icon in the folder you must write the program like below


Open=folder name\program.exe

Icon=folder name\myicon.ico

So try this guys


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