Protect Computer from Virus

Hey guys, today I’m going to admonish you about the virus, so as I think you have a lot of problem because of viruses or you had to face a lot of problem, We have risk because of this virus, Virus are created to attack to our computer, so there are two main virus attacking method which I know,

1. First method is via Internet

2. Second method is via Flash Drives or some kind of CD’s or else DVDs   or other devises,

How can we protect our computer from virus?

It’s very easy way, so please follow my instructions,

It’s normal you go to your friend’s house and copy some files to your Flash/pen drive, after that you come to your house and connect the pen to your computer.

Warning do not connect Flash drives to your computer like that, then your computer will be attacked by virus very easily,

I know about this, you people are always trust about your Virus Guard, yeah I am also, that’s OK, but the thing is this, do you know each and every day near 250 virus are made by Hackers and they release that virus to our world, Virus guard cannot identify  that kind of virus, because when you are scanning your computer with Virus guard, it will not find that’s kind of new virus, that virus are out of it database, Virus guard company cannot update that each and every virus every day, you know that’s very difficult thing, so how can you protect your computer from that kind of virus,

Before connect your Pen drive to your computer you should follow these instructions,

Use USB Guard Software, or Disable Autorun option

If you want to know how to disable autorun follow below links

How to Disable Autorun

How to Disable Autorun in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1

First method is working for any windows platform.

Now please go to my computer and open your pen or external hard drive via Explorer,

If your OS Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 follow this
Open This PC


Explorer already  will be there left side on the folder in Windows 7, you can see that, your Pen icon will be there , Click your pen icon, your pen will be opened by explorer. Don’t get confused. Is there an autorun it will never open if you follow these instructions.

If You’re Windows XP Follow this
You can see folder icon above, then click it, next explorer will open, your Pen icon will be there, Click your pen icon, your pen will be opened by explorer. or you have to follow this instruction, please click on your address bar, then list will appear, select your pen icon and then your pen will be opened by explorer.

Now we must find are there virus or not, therefore you have to open the folder option to view hidden files and folders, please use this instructions,

Open the Control panel and select large icons

Then open Folder Options

There are a lot of ways to open this folder option in every OS, so this is the common way to guide you, however I just need to open the Folder option.

After that you should do this

1. Put the tick mark to Show hidden files, Folders, and drives which I mark number 1
2. Unmarked the Hide extension tick and system files which I mark number 2
3. Then press Apply and OK

So now you can see all hidden files and folders in your pen, is there an autorun file, please delete that if you cannot recognize it.

Then delete all files and folders which you cannot identify in your drive.
You should know about this:

There is no extension for the folder files after their names. Like below.

Is there an extension with folder icon, sure it will be a virus, and you should know about these type of extension .BAT .EXE .VBS if you can’t identify any file you had better delete them.

Here you can see original files and folders are hidden and show shortcuts by virus.

If you can see some shortcuts are available in the pen drive instead of your folders, delete them and your original folders are in hidden folder which you can find or they are hidden, you will be able to find those in your pen, if you want to know how to fix them Click here

Note: please do not delete any folder or file in C partition, so you can try this guys

Check the quality of your virus guard Click here

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