Have a fun with VBS files

What is a VBS file and how do I open a VBS file?

VBS is a Virtual Basic script file written in the VBScript scripting language. It contains code that can be executed within Windows or Internet Explorer via the Windows-based script host, and may also use the VB file extension.

VBScript can also be used to create applications that run directly on a workstation running Microsoft Windows. The simplest example is a script that uses Windows Script Host (WSH). This script is usually in a separate file with the .vbs file extension.

OK so let’s go over the Basics

Have you ever seen a message box like the one below?

You probably have. These are used to alert users of whatever you want to say.

You can create your own by using the Function Message box, so the code to a message box that says hi would look like this,
To create this kind of message box, you have to open Notepad

After that type below codes on the notepad.
x = msgbox(“Your Text Here “,5+16 ,” error “)

You can put any word instead of “Your text here“,

Example -:
x = msgbox(“Do not enter now your system is risk by virus please contact Nimesh (E.M.N.K.A) number 077123456 or nimesh****@gmail.com”,5+16 ,”Error”)

Here another one

msgbox”Your Text Here.”,20,”title Heare”
You can type these things and save this, for the saving you have to do following steps

Go to the Save as and select the Save as type

Give it as All Files, give any name before save, as you wish, but give this after that,.VBS like below

Now you can open it, so open it, so you have only one work, write an Auto-run, and put it in your pen and give it to your one of friends, oh the other thing is hide both of them, then wait for the feedback.

Other than that you can copy that file to any location and send a shortcut to the desktop like below

Then change name of the file and also the icon like below by using properties.

Now delete the original shortcut and change the name also like below

When your friend trying to play the game, there will be an error, it will be confuse him and take a while to figure out what happened to the game


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