Programming Fundamentals Introduction II

In most of the courses they need knowledge, but here it is different. We started from scratch, from the beginning, if you do not write a line of code in your life, there is no problem. If you not even know where to start writing a line of code, which is where we are starting. So if you have done some programming in the past, which is great.
Maybe you have a written code that took things in the way, you have read a couple of books, realized a lot of things yourself, but you’re not sure you have the basics down. Well, this is the place to review these fundamental principles.
We do not care what your background is or how old you are. Now as we go through this course, do not worry about getting everything perfect. If you feel that you are picking up say 70% or 80% of things quite well, keep moving on.
Programming is a deep subject and it rewards repeated exposure, so please return to this course. Even if you think you have taken everything 100%, try some of them still in three or six months or a year and I guarantee you will find new meanings and new things to pay attention.
So programming is a powerful skill, it is not only useful, it is not only good for your career, not just a source of income, but powerful, and what I want for you in this course is by becoming a creator of programs and stop being just a user of them. So let’s start with exactly what that means.

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