Programming Fundamentals Introduction I

Hello there! I am Nimesh (Hesh) it’s being a long time, I had to spend my time for my studies, and when I heard about the things that you people are sending me messages via Facebook and Hangouts, I thought that I should start with introducing about the programming fundamentals and welcome to the basics of programming, what we are exploring here are the ideas and basic skills when programming on any platform with any language it is always necessary.

Now there are dozens of programming languages that you can choose and we will see many of them in this course, languages as JavaScript, C, Ruby and Python. Let’s see what these different languages are good and why you might choose one over the other, but we will try to make you an expert in one of them. But in this course we will go through what is common between all these languages.

We work with things like loops, conditions, variables and memory to see how to control the structure and flow of a program and what you need to know about what the program is doing under the hood, and we to make sense of buzzwords and jargon that cannot be avoided during programming.
These words may not mean anything to you right now, but they will do, and not just talk about ideas. We practice and write in ongoing programs to demonstrate these ideas and understand why they are important. Let’s Start 🙂

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