Speed Up the Computer by Using Flash Drive

Hey guys, how is it going? Today I am going to say how to speed up your computer by using flash drive, when you are playing computer games or doing some ample work you may want an extra speed so now you can speed up your computer by using your flash drive. It is an easy way.

Follow me guys.

First of all Connect your pen drive to computer, and then go to My Computer

Now you can see icon of your pen drive

So Right Click on Flash Drive and Select Properties

You have to select RedyBoost like below

After that you may see an error message. 

If you could see an error message like below,Then you will have to format your pen drive. 
After that please come to again RedyBoost

If you don’t see the error message or after format the Flash Drive, you will see like below

Select Dedicate this device to Redyboots and you can see a bar to select MB on your pen.

Adjust it, and select Apply and then OK 
That’s all

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