Wednesday, July 10, 2019

How to disable AutoRun and AutoPlay in Group Policy Editor in Windows 10

Autorun is a kind of a headache when we are considering about the Malware and Viruses, so most of the people are looking for how to turn it off, and there are a lot of ways that can turn off the Autorun which is working on a computer, this is a kind of a deeper one, so please follow these steps

First you have to type gpedit.msc on Run box like below

Then the Local group policy editor which means the the registry will be there like below and here you have to select Administrative Templates under the Computer Configuration like below

Then you will see Windows Components and select it, you can follow below step

Under the Windows Components you will see the Autoplay Policies so select it like this
Now select and open Turn off Autoplay which is in the right side of the window
Now select the Disable and then press Apply and Ok, so the auto run will be disable permanently

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