Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What is a MAC Address

It’s Media Access Control address, it’s your computer's unique hardware number. The MAC Address or we can also called it as your physical address.
Physical Address and MAC Address same thing but different name, most of the time you will have Dynamic IP address when you are accessing to the internet which is providing by Internet Service Provider but your MAC address is not changing like that.
The MAC address on your computer is the Hardware Identified number, it’s burnt in to your network interface device, MAC address is a unique identifying number, by using your MAC Address you can find out a lot of things about your computer and even the manufacture of your computer, I’ll fill you about those later.
First of all you have to know there a few ways to get your MAC address, I will show you three of them.
1st method

Open the Command Prompt and type like below

Now you can see MAC address under Physical Address

2nd Method
Here also we have to use command prompt and type like below

Now you will see your MAC address under physical address

3rd Method

In this method you have to go to Control Panel and follow below steps

Now you will see the mac address as like before

Hope you got an idea about it, I will explain later what you can do with MAC

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