Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How to Hide Files in a Picture

So dear friends first of all I want to say one thing, this is very funny and very useful trick and I am going to explain everything of this, I promise you will learn very important and useful trick.

So here I am going to hide a file in a picture. First of all we have to select an image, and then copy it to a new folder and also copy which file you want to hide into the same folder like below.

Then we want WinRAR software, if you don't have please download and install it

I have created the folder in F partition and I named that folder as 1 you can see it below

So my file name is song.mp4 and image name is pic.jpg

Now Right click on the Song.Mp4 and you have to Select Add to archive like below

Now you'll see like below, if you want to create RAR file select it or else select ZIP whatever your call

If you want to set a password you can click the Set Password button and the you can see like this

Now enter whatever your password and select Encrypt if you want, I am not going to explain about it here, try it and understand the different, then click OK and again click OK, then you will be able to see you file and it will be like below, I have created both files RAR and ZIP

Now if you want you can delete song.mp4 file, you will only need pic.jpg and Song.rar 

Now we have to open command prompt therefore follow below instructions


Now type CMD on run box and press enter.

Then command prompt will be opened, now we want to go to F partition therefore type this command and press enter then we can go to F partition, I have showed it before

Type like this and press Enter F:

Now we are in F partition, if you want to go to other partition you can type partition and go, an example imagine we want to go to D partition type like this D: and press enter.
Now we want to enter the folder. Our folders name is 1, Therefore type like below

CD 1

This command is using to enter into the folder.
CD <folder name>

Now we are in the folder, you can check inside the folder type this code DIR, and then press enter, so you will see like below.

Now you can see the all the folders name and files are in that folder, now we have to do our best part, type like below,
if you want to add RAR file

Copy /b pic.jpg + song.rar new.jpg

Here how it's doing with ZIP file
Copy /b pic.jpg + song.zip hide.jpg

Pic.jpg = this is our image
Song.rar = that is our winRar folder
Song.zip  = this is the Zip folder
New.jpg = New file that we created, you will see Song.rar in this new picture
Hide.jpgNew file that we created, you will see Song.zip in this new picture

Now look at the Properties of the file which we have created, you will see the size of the file

Now you may have a problem how to open the file again, if you try to Double click and open normally, you will see the picture file has opened, there will be no other like below

To open it, first you have to open the WinRAR, and then Drag that picture and paste on the WinRAR like below

Now you can see the Video inside it which we have inserted before, so now you can open it or extract it, do whatever you want, if you have given the password before when you created the RAR or ZIP file, now you have to give the password to open it, that's all 

Or else you can right click on the file and Select Open with and then Select Choose default program, and find the WinRAR and you will see the same result, so try this out friends,



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