Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How Can Protect Computer from Virus

Hey guys, today I’m going to admonish you about the virus, so as I think you have a lot of problem because of viruses or you had to face a lot of problem, We have risk because of this virus, Virus are created to attack to our computer, so there are two main virus attacking method which I know,

1. First method is via Internet

2. Second method is via Flash Drives or some kind of CD’s or else DVDs   or other devises,

How can we protect our computer from virus?

It’s very easy way, so please follow my instructions,

It’s normal you go to your friend’s house and copy some files to your Flash/pen drive, after that you come to your house and connect the pen to your computer.

Warning do not connect Flash drives to your computer like that, then your computer will be attacked by virus very easily,

I know about this, you people are always trust about your Virus Guard, yeah I am also, that’s OK, but the thing is this, do you know each and every day near 250 virus are made by Hackers and they release that virus to our world, Virus guard cannot identify  that kind of virus, because when you are scanning your computer with Virus guard, it will not find that’s kind of new virus, that virus are out of it database, Virus guard company cannot update that each and every virus every day, you know that’s very difficult thing, so how can you protect your computer from that kind of virus,

Before connect your Pen drive to your computer you should follow these instructions,

Use USB Guard Software, or Disable Autorun option

If you want to know how to disable autorun follow below links

How to Disable Autorun

First method is working for any windows platform.

Now please go to my computer and open your pen or external hard drive via Explorer,

If your OS Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 follow this

Open My Computer

Explorer already  will be there left side on the folder in Windows 7, you can see that, your Pen icon will be there , Click your pen icon, your pen will be opened by explorer. Don’t get confused. Is there an autorun it will never open if you follow these instructions.

If You’re Windows XP Follow this

You can see folder icon above, then click it, next explorer will open, your Pen icon will be there, Click your pen icon, your pen will be opened by explorer. or you have to follow this instruction, please click on your address bar, then list will appear, select your pen icon and then your pen will be opened by explorer.

Now we must find are there virus or not, therefore you have to open the folder option to view hidden files and folders, please use this instructions,

Open the Control panel and select large icons

Then open Folder Options

There are a lot of ways to open this folder option in every OS, so this is the common way to guide you, however I just need to open the Folder option.

After that you should do this

1. Put the tick mark to Show hidden files, Folders, and drives which I mark number 1
2. Unmarked the Hide extension tick and system files which I mark number 2
3. Then press Apply and OK

So now you can see all hidden files and folders in your pen, is there an autorun file, please delete that if you cannot recognize it.

Then delete all files and folders which you cannot identify in your drive.
You should know about this:

There is no extension for the folder files after their names. Like below.

Is there an extension with folder icon, sure it will be a virus, and you should know about these type of extension .BAT .EXE .VBS if you can’t identify any file you had better delete them.

Here you can see original files and folders are hidden and show shortcuts by virus.

If you can see some shortcuts are available in the pen drive instead of your folders, delete them and your original folders are in hidden folder which you can find or they are hidden, you will be able to find those in your pen, if you want to know how to fix them Click here

Note: please do not delete any folder or file in C partition, so you can try this guys

Check the quality of your virus guard Click here

How to Disable Autorun

As I think, you had to face and you will have to face a lot of problem, because of Autorun. When we are plugging Flash drive or insert CD/DVD/Blue Ray to our computer, we must be careful about the autorun. If you have proper virus guard it will manage it, but most of them not.

Why I am saying like that?

We know about the virus, when we are plugging Flash drive or insert CD/DVD/Blue Ray, there are virus with autorun file inside them, as a consequence our computer will be attacked by virus. Most probably these types of virus are malware virus. Some of them damage our computer and data or some of them collecting our detail in our computer and send them to hacker, So as to finish this risk, we should disable autorun. So guys follow these small steps.

Press Win key with R ( win key+R )
(Then Run Box will appear)

Now type gpedit.msc on run box and press enter.

Now you can see Local Group policy editor.

And then look at the left side, then you will see Administrative templates, so click it

Then you can see All settings under the Administrative templates click it

Find Turn off Autoplay

Double Click on Turn off Autoplay and then you will see box like this

Now enable turn off autoplay, change settings like this

Now you have to do only apply and OK,

So that’s over, try this,


Friday, December 25, 2015

How to Create an Autorun

Now I am going to say how to create an autorun program for a DVD or Pen drive, some people wanted to know about it, therefore I decided to create a post about this. I know most people know about this, but if you don’t know about this, you can try it out.

We can use auto run for run a program ( .exe )  or Icon ( .ico ) or both of them, but if you use a program or virus guard that can block autorun, this will not work.

When you are going to burn CD/DVD or Blue ray we had better use icon, therefore we must add an icon with auto run before burn it.
So we need <icon name>.ico extension must be .ico

Imagine you selected one icon for it. Its name myicon.ico Program is program.exe

Now we are going to create this autorun

First of all open the note pad (Winkey+R and type notepad, press Enter or
Start -- > All Programs -- > Accessories -- > Notepad)
Then type like below on the notepad


[Autorun]                          //Command
Open=program.exe         // Run for Program
Icon=myicon.ico            // Run for Icon

Now we are going to save this program, therefore you should go to 

File -- > save as, 

and put the name autorun.inf, 

and give All files for Save as type.

When you are going to burn CD you must input these three things
i.     program.exe
ii.   myicon.ico
iii.  autorun.inf
If you put that program and icon in the folder you must write the program like below

Open=folder name\program.exe
Icon=folder name\myicon.ico

So try this guys

Thursday, December 24, 2015

How to Protect Gmail Account from Hackers

Do you have a Gmail account? Do you want to secure your Gmail account from hackers? Yes you can. You people know, our email account is very important part for our life. We must protect our detail, nowadays without our mail account we cannot do our work in internet. At least we can’t create a Facebook account without an email address (we can create it with our phone number, but email address is essential).  Now you can protect you Gmail account by hackers.

After this activation No one can access to your Gmail account, this is kind of like Facebook logging approval.  If anyone tries to access your account, then he will need verification code for it, at that time you will receive that code to your mobile phone number. Then you can know about it, and then you can change your password. So you can protect your email address now. So you have to follow these steps guys.

First of all you have to login to your Gmail account

After that click below link.

Click on start up

You can choose Test message (SMS) or voice call for verification method.

Give your mobile number and put a tick for Send codes by- SMS text

After that click on Send Code, then you will receive a code to your mobile phone number. Type it below and click verify, and click next.

And click next again and confirm it

Now it's done


How to Active Login Approval

Hey guys how is it going? Today I’m going to say how to active Login Approvals in Facebook. May be you people already know about this, but some guys don’t know about how to active this, therefore I decided to write down a post.

So let start this. If you want to protect your Facebook account from hackers, and unauthorized access form anonymous persons, you had better active Login Approvals, and then you don’t want to worry about it. First of all you should active this. After that if any one try to access you Facebook account, you will receive a code to your mobile phone.

So follow these steps to active Login Approvals.

First of all you have to select Settings, therefore you have to click on top of the right, and there will be an arrow mark. After that you will see Settings. Click it.

Now look at the left side. You will see Security option, and then select it.

Now you can see a list. You will see Login Approvals, and you can see EDIT in front of Login Approvals, and then click it.

So you can see a box, click on the box and put the mark.

If you see message like below that is prevent the process, you have to clear the browsing history and the cookies, then you will be able to continue.

Now you will see like below, press Get Started.

Select Other

Now you have to give your country code. Normally country code will be selected automatically, and give your mobile phone number, and then press Continue.

Then you will receive a message from Facebook, and then type that confirmation code and press Confirm

No need to worry about hackers. Try this guys.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to Use Google Search Engine

Most of people are using Google Search Engine to find or search whatever we need, but the thing is most people don’t know how to use this web browser to search data or information.

I will explain how to use Google web browser, as I know this will be very useful for everyone.

Part I

Imagine like this. If you want to find about GTA, then we can type on search bar GTA, and then you will see so many web pages as a result of that, but if you want to find about GTA in Facebook site. You should type like this on the Google search bar.

site:facebook.com GTA

Then you will see all the results about GTA in Facebook.
Here another example below
If you want to know about Cpanel in Wikipedia type like below on Google search bar

site:wikipedia.org Cpanel

Now you can find everything like this.

Part II

When we want to find some information in PDF or DOC or something like that kind of file types. You can search them with Google like this. Imagine you wanted to download a PDF file about CDMA. Type like below code and type a space and type CDMA. Then you will find a lot of PDF files as search results.


Now type CDMA in front of above code like below

filetype:pdf CDMA

As an example if you want to search some torrent link about a film. Type like below, and then you will find a lot of link as results

 Filetype: torrent Film name
So now you can find anything using with this.

Part III
If you want to find about both things with Google you can do that. So imagine if you want to find about Wikipedia and Encarta you have to type like below on Google search bar,

Wikipedia and Encarta


Part IV

If we want to convert units we can use Google web browser for that, imagine if you want to convert 100 meter to Kilometer, you have to do only type like below on your Google search bar and press enter.

100 meters in Kilometers
 Then you will see the answer, and see another example below
1000 miles in kilometers
You can convert anything with this
Inch <- – > Centimeters
Foot <- – > Meter
Yard <- – > Meter
Mile <- – > Kilometer
And you can convert any below units
Temperature   Ex:( Kelvin in Celsius)
Currency         Ex: (Pound in Yen)
Cooking           Ex: (Dram in Milliliter)
Weight             Ex: (Stone in Kilogram)
Length             Ex: (Yard in Meter)
Area                  Ex: (Square inch in Acre)   
Volume            Ex:  (Gallon in Liter)

How is it ha? So you can use these things for your work. As I think these are very simple and easy things. You can convert anything unit with this.

Part V

If you want to know about the meaning or definition of any word we can use Google searching bar. If we want we can listen to pronunciation of that word. In other words we can use this as a dictionary.

Go to Google and type on search bar Define: type your word in front of this

As an example if we want to get the definition of Wikipedia
First go to Google, and type like below and press enter.

define: Wikipedia

Then you will get definition of Wikipedia

Part VI

If you want to know about the time in any kind of country, you can use Google, type like below and you will see the result

London time

Part VII

We can convert the currency by using Google, you have just type it like below

Currency Converter

Then you’ll see the converter and you can select the currency and convert it. Other than that if you know what you want, then you can use Google like below

US dollar to Sri Lankan Rupee

These are some main functions of Google, I think you could have some ideas about Google, and there are some other features like above as like Google Translate, try to find them also, share this with your friends if it could help you to learn something, cheers


Check Your Gmail's Created Date

Hey friends have you ever forget your Gmail password, and then you wanted to reset your password, didn’t you? So then you know they ask the date of your account created. Could you answer it? So I am going to say about it now.

When you want to reset Gmail Password, they ask the date of the account created before resetting the password in many occasions, but It’s Really Difficult To Remember The Date We Created These Accounts, so it’s better if we can keep the records and then if we want this we can give it.

How can we find the date we created these accounts?

Go to Your Gmail And Open Mail Settings

Select Forwarding And POP/IMAP Tab

Get The Date of I Status Section (That is Your Account Created Date.)

Just Keep It in a Private Data Base Where You Store Your Details Safely and Use It When You Needed.

Share This With Your Friends Who Are Using Gmail Too.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Have a fun with VBS files

What is a vbs file and how do I open a vbs file?

VBS is a Virtual Basic script file written in the VBScript scripting language. It contains code that can be executed within Windows or Internet Explorer via the Windows-based script host, and may also use the VB file extension.

VBScript can also be used to create applications that run directly on a workstation running Microsoft Windows. The simplest example is a script that uses Windows Script Host (WSH). This script is usually in a separate file with the .vbs file extension.

Ok so let’s go over the Basics
Have you ever seen a message box like the one below?
You probably have. These are used to alert users of whatever you want to say.

You can create your own by using the Function Message box, so the code to a message box that says hi would look like this,


To create this kind of message box, you have to open Notepad

After that type below codes on the notepad.

x = msgbox("Your Text Here ",5+16 ," error ")

You can put any word instead of “Your text here“,

Example -:

x = msgbox("Do not enter now your system is risk by virus please contact Nimesh (E.M.N.K.A) number 077123456 or nimesh****@gmail.com",5+16 ,"Error")

Here another one

msgbox"Your Text Here.",20,"title Heare"

You can type these things and save this, for the saving you have to do following steps

Go to the Save as and select the Save as type

Give it as All Files, give any name before save, as you wish, but give this after that, .VBS like below

now you can open it, so open it, so you have only one work, write an autorun, and put it in your pen and give it to your one of friends, oh the other thing is hide both of them, then wait for the feedback,

Other than that you can copy that file to any location and send a shortcut to the desktop like below

Then change name of the file and also the icon like below by using properties.

Now delete the original shortcut and change the name also like below

 Then your friend is opening the game, there will be an error, it will be confuse him and take a while to figure out what happened to the game  

Download the file here

Compiled and interpreted languages

When we are programming it is very essential to get our source code converted into machine code somehow before it can run and there are two main ways of doing this: what's called compiling the source code and what's called interpreting the source code.

Now, fortunately, it's not a decision you have to worry. Most languages that will address naturally fall into one or the other, but it pays to know the difference. So let's take a simple scenario.

Say it's just you and me. You have your own computer and I have my computer, and you will write a program that you want me to run.

Now, with a compiled language, the thing is to write the source code and then you have a program called a compiler to go through the source code and create a separate file that contains the machine code, and give me that file.

This end result is sometimes referred to as an executable file or an executable file that can do it directly. Now I can just run the program, you keep the source code and I never see it.

Now, with an interpreted language on the other hand, you don't compile your source code beforehand. You just give me a copy of it. So I'll need my machine to interpret it whenever I want to run your program.

Now, interpreter is different to a compiler. It does this on-the-fly. We can think of it as going through your source code line by line and processing it on the spot. It does not save it as a separate machine code file.

Now, you've used interpreted languages even if you don't know it. Whenever you've looked at a webpage with JavaScript, which if you've surfed the web for more than two minutes in your lifetime you have, this is what's been happening.

The JavaScript has been sent to you over the web along with a bunch of other files like webpages and images and it's been sent as source code onto your machine, and your web browser has just interpreted that JavaScript so it can run that code.

So which one is best? Well, they both have their good and their bad points.

Benefits of compiled code

Once it's compiled, it's immediately ready to run and you could send it to 100 or 1,000 or 100,000 different people. It's ready to go. It can be optimized for a CPU, so it can actually be faster and you don't have to send your source code to everybody, which might be a good thing.

However, the downsides are if I compile it on a PC, that executable file won't work on a Mac. In fact, it often needs to be compiled separately for different kinds of CPU even on the same platform, and when you're writing code to compile is an extra step that you have to take every time you want to test your program.

Now, with interpreted code

The big benefits are I don't really care what kind of machine is on the other end, because we don't provide machine code, we just send the source code and we let the other side take care of it. So it can be more portable and more flexible across platforms. It's also a little easier when testing because you just write your source code and then run it, letting the interpreter take care of converting it. There is no in-between compile step. It can be easier to debug when things go wrong because you always have access to all the source code.

However, it has its down sides too, because everyone who needs to run that program on their machine has to have an interpreter for that language on their machine. It also can be slower because you have to interpret it every time the program is run, and the source code is effectively public because you're sending it to everyone who needs to run that program.

Now, because there are good things about compiled languages and good things about interpreted languages, there is also a third way of doing this which is a bit of both. Instead of the compiled model where all the work is done upfront but can be a little bit inflexible or the interpreted model where all the work is done on the receiving end but can be a little bit slower, we kind of do half-and-half.

Upfront, we compile it part of the way to what's called an intermediate language, which takes it as far along the way to machine code as it can get while still being portable often across platforms. You then distribute this, sending it to the people who need to run it, and each person who runs it takes it the last step to take it to machine code on their computers.

This is sometimes referred to as Just-In-Time or JIT compilation. Now, this intermediate language sometimes also goes by the name of byte code.

C, C++, Objective-C are Compiled languages
PHP, JavaScript are Interpreted languages
Java, C#, Python, VB.net are Hybrid languages

So this process has to happen somehow. It's just how much of it happens on your machine and how much of it happens on mine. Now, while theoretically all computer languages could use any of these methods, the normal usage of any one language tends to be one or the other. So for example, C, C++, and Objective-C, these are typically found as compiled languages, so you need a compiler.

Now the compiler can be downloaded for free but they're often built into integrated development environment applications. Now, languages like PHP and JavaScript and indeed most languages with the word script at the end are usually interpreted, and languages like Java, C#, VB.NET, and Python use this intermediate hybrid approach.

Now, whether a language is compiled or interpreted or somewhere in-between is rarely a reason by itself to choose a language, but it can be something that you take into account. If one main priority of your program is absolute maximum speed running on one single platform, you'll probably look at a compiled language.

If you're more interested in easily moving your code across multiple platforms, you're probably more interested in an interpreted one. But more usually, you're driven more by what you need to do.

You need to build iPhone apps or Windows desktop apps or dynamic website, or, in our case, just learn the fundamentals of programming, and you let that decision drive the language choice and the language choice will determine whether you are compiled, interpreted, or somewhere in the middle.

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