Friday, June 5, 2015

How to Check the Quality of a Virus Guard

Hey guys what do you know about your virus guard? how can you trust it? how do you know about it? who told you about your virus guard? Who is give guarantee for it, can you check it? So don’t worry, now you can check your virus guard, it’s not very difficult, it’s very easy way, if you want to check about your virus guard follow my steps,

First of all we should open the note pad

(Start—> All Programs—> Accessories—-> Notepad )

then copy below code and past it on the note pad,


now try to save this, if you have a very good and Powerful virus guard, you can’t save this, don’t get afraid, this is not a virus, this code use only for the checking virus guards, this code is made by all virus guards companies, they wanted to check about their virus guard, therefore they written  this code, so try and check about your virus guard guys


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